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    Backup Files - which one is used to open LR when I click on the desktop link?


      I have noticed that sometimes LR opens with a catalog that does not include all my images.  Looking in my hard drive, I see there are multiple places (not knowingly created by me) where photos are saved.  If anyone can enlighten me about how LR "thinks", I would appreciate it very much.


      For instance, the "file location" of the desktop link is:  (C:) > Program Files > Adobe > Adobe Lightroom

      I also make backups to two different locations:  (D:) > Lightroom 4.4 Photos > 2015 folder - the LR 4.4 folder is also the location where images automatically get stored in appropriate folders whenever I import from my camera

                                                                                  (K:) > 5 - 2015 folder


      But I have discovered other folders as well, sprinkled around (C), containing some images, but not a complete catalog.  Because of other problems I have had with trying to organize things, I am afraid to do it without knowing the proper procedure.  It would be nice to "clean up" the disorder. 

      The main thing I want to know is from what location the program opens when I click on the link.  And also would like to know where my missing images might have gone!

      Thank you.