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    Flash CC 2014 issues with Hide Edges function and more

    LPDisney Level 1

      It seems in every new version of Flash instead of fixing the old bugs Adobe just adds new ones...


      I just moved from CS 6 to CC 2014 and now when I want to use the Hide Edges function (which they "kindly" changed the shortcut to) once I do some changes, say, to the color of the shape or line I get the selection back on, even though in the menu the "hide edges" is still marked.

      Button line, I can't use this function, it's useless, and it's now really hard to choose the right colors for my artwork.

      I searched the net, didn't find this issue, does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone have a solution?


      Another bug is when I have a layer selected and then I lock it, the highlighted selection stays and the only way to clear this refresh bug is to hide the layer and show it again...

      Again - anyone has this issue? or has a solution?


      So many refresh / focus bugs that move from version to version, I don't understand why adobe is not fixing them. Makes me think of going back to an old license and stop paying adobe so much money for a software full of old bugs.