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    Workarounds for InDesign CS6 Retina Display Issues


      If you are like me and completely content with using Adobe InDesign CS6 software on your mac, but have recently purchased a Macbook Pro with RETINA display, (to which InDesign interface is blurry/fuzzy and generally rendering poorly) and have no interest in using Creative Cloud, let's make this discussion a forum of resources for workarounds.

      Workaround using a separate display

      Connect your macbook pro retina to an external display when using InDesign to use the program as normal. This is the workaround I am currently using to make InDesign CS6 operate as normal.

      Advocate for a one-time purchase patch/update

      As a long time user of Apple and Adobe software I would happily pay a one-time fee for a patch or upgrade that fixes the retina display incompatibility issues with InDesign Adobe CS6.