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    Retrieving lost lightroom work


      I have had a bit of a nightmare......i was trying to install some images and programs from my 'old' mac desktop onto my macbook pro laptop and managed to wipe my user preset and all my work. My latest back up had been done in February.  I have been able to reinstall all my computer programs and lightroom work & catalogues, up to this last February backup. However all lightroom work that I had not created a separate catalogue for, or nor exported, has seemingly been lost. Is there any way of retrieving all the work I have done on lightroom after this february backup date?? I thought I had done a more recent back-up but I hadn't. A little desperate, as I had two large jobs that i had been working on in lightroom and there is no sign of any of this work. Any help gratefully received Sam

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The catalogs must still be on your system. It seems unlikely you would go into the catalog folder and delete them. Try using spotlight to search your system for files ending .lrcat


          Control-click on each to launch.


          It's best to set prefs to backup the catalog every time you quit the LR application

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            samp8191267 Level 1

            I didn't go into the catalog folders and delete.....On one press of a button, I deleted everything including all folder structure's, everything. I was being helped by a web-designer and we were trying to put my old system onto my new comp, to access some of my old images..... I don't know what happened but it would appear i eradicated my whole system. I was able to retrieve the system by restoring all data through the Feb back-up. I was also able to get back certain files, like my mail......from feb on. But trying to get back any work done on lightroom, well it just does not seem to be there. I feel this could just be a very expensive mistake. Any other thoughts?

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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Sorry I can’t think of anything else unless you happen to discover something more recent from Time Machine.