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    Multiple save files with checking in/out


      I understand the flaw with this logic, but please hear me out because I am at my wits end.


      At my job (newspaper development), they use an indesign/incopy workflow for their editorials and setting things up to print. Two weeks ago, I was approached with a task of attempting to make it possible to have a new save created every time they check in/check out. Clearly, I tried to explain the problem with this (it's going to be extremely huge size wise), but they still would like to have this so that they can have an archive of their edits through out the process. I managed to find a "work around" where you can duplicate the .ICML and attach it to a new assignment. This seems to work, but I do not think they would be able to wrap this around for every single edit.


      So my question is this: Is there an easier way to attempt this? Or is it entirely out of the question? Or maybe there's something else that can help them achieve an archive of every edit? I do not have indesign/incopy at home, but I can certainly give anything a try tomorrow.