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    Custom canvas size?

    Jake Farrago Level 1

      Is there any way to alter the default canvas size in either Adobe Photoshop Sketch or Adobe Illustrator Line? This would be especially helpful when it comes to importing/pasting other files into the document and not having to worry about scale and size issues.


      If not, I do think this is something that needs to be addressed if Adobe is serious about doing mobile applications right.

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          floramc Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Jake,


          good question, while I check on this I would like to share some thoughts with you. I find interesting that you import and past files on sketch and line. I wonder to which application you send the file afterwards, may I ask you?


          I usually sketch from scratch on sketch (forgive the sad pun) and then send the work to Illustrator, there I can resize to bigger artboards without feeling I am loosing in quality as I am working on vectors. I must admit I never used the app (I am not familiar with line so I won't say anything about that) importing files from CC and going the other way around. Would you have this conversation with me while I check on the canvas size, please? I am interested in the way you are using Sketch. Thanks in advance.

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            Jake Farrago Level 1

            Sure, I'd be happy to give you some insight. On Sketch I like to storyboard sometimes, and so I import a specific storyboard template and paste it into the background. The only problem with this process is that the storyboard template has to be scaled down for me to effectively draw onto it. Thus, it's not a clean one-and-done solution.


            I probably send my Sketch files to Photoshop and Illustrator in equal measure, about 50/50. I know Adobe's been working to retain the layer and the vector abilities of both Sketch and Line files, but there's still some rough edges to smooth out in terms of balancing simplicty and capability. I do think Adobe has made some great strides on mobile in the past year, though.


            And, of course, all sad puns forgiven.

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              floramc Adobe Community Professional

              Hi again Jake,


              I love to read that, thanks for starting this conversation, it is mostly appreciated.


              That you can use layers in Adobe Illustrator Draw is surely something you are well aware of, and that is not really solving your question when we speak canvas size, as I presume (but I asked the product manager here to be sure I am not supposing too much) the resolution is the size you get on your ipad and it is a standard default that is not yet customisable. That is surely to put on the list of things we do really want to see asap if it is not there (checking checking checking, in case I did not mention, checking it - it is memorial day in the U.S. if I am right so it might be so that we need to wait until everyone is back to work to get an official answer, apologise for that).


              Working on the apps is becoming a routine for me and I love to hear how others are using them and which limits they find. I am now curious about this and if not somebody else will jump in here with the answer before me, I'll do my best to reach who can answer that.


              Again, thank you for sharing your workflow with me, it is so precious to learn how others use the tools, and by the way, I'd love to see your works. Do you have a profile on Behance, maybe? If I am not getting too invasive now, then I apologise, not my intention, I am just a very enthusiast creative soul.

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                Jake Farrago Level 1

                Hello, hello!


                I'm afraid Memorial Day also got the best of me yesterday; apologies for the late response back. I do know that Adobe Draw has layer functionality, which I think is one of its strongest points. I haven't incorporated Draw into my workflow yet, though. Interestingly enough, I wonder if the reason Draw has a full-fledged layer system is only because its one of Adobe's earliest attempts at mobile (much like Photoshop Touch was until recently removed). It seems as if the newer apps didn't have a layer system planned for at inception. Here's hoping that their continued growth eventually brings it along.


                I've always heard that the canvas size is simply the default pixel ratio and size of the iPad being used, though I've never seen that officially indicated anywhere. I'd be curious to see if that's true.


                I appreciate the willingness to jump in and respond, as, unfortunately, I often find it a mixed-bag when it comes to getting answers within the various support communities for Adobe products. I realize that there's always plenty of work to be done at Adobe, but having a response rate that's better than not would give a lot of people peace of mind when they wade into the world of Adobe.


                I wish I could say I had my Behance up and shining, but I recently turned all my projects private as I scrub and reorganize. But, when I do finally get it back up: /JakeFarrago.


                Enthusiasm and creativity. I wouldn't consider those traits anything but positive.

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                  floramc Adobe Community Professional

                  hi back!


                  it is ok, still no answers so we can keep the conversation alive. I like reading your comments!


                  As I see it, Draw is more articulated than Sketch, it is a tool I really like and hope it is there to stay. It allows me to produce cleaner works than sketch. It was sad to see Ideas leaving back in the days but Draw is better. I really work on layers as a personal technique, I am probably not skilled enough for sketch, at times it goes over my head Lol!


                  Have you seen project Rigel? It will replace Photoshop touch, check this video Sneak peek of an early prototype of Adobe’s mobile retouching - YouTube


                  I believe this is running to become the closest companion to Photoshop Mix (2 layers right now). It really seems like the effort is on bringing the apps to wear the same layout, which makes sense to me. The reason why I post the sneak peek is that the layer size is mentioned. Opinions?


                  yes, I heard the same as you about canvas sizes, and right now I am curious about an official answer. I hope our product manager has time for it. We are close to Adobe's upgrade to CC2015 now in June and who knows in which extension the apps will be involved. For sure the introduction of the android apps is the big news.

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                    floramc Adobe Community Professional

                    and here we go, our amazing product manager found time for us and the official answer is:


                    [noted as short answer] for Sketch the canvas size is the pixel dimensions of the iPad (2048x1536) when you do a Send to Photoshop.


                    We finally have it

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                      Jake Farrago Level 1

                      Well, now we at least have official word on the default canvas size! Here's hoping we get the ability to tweak that in the future.


                      With Ideas departing and assimilating into Draw, I suppose I shouldn't have been too surprised to see Photoshop Touch go. It'll be missed, but I'd rather have app unity and parity across all mobile apps than the odd-man-out scenario that had been in play. Hopefully the shared template for all the apps will help with the learning process too!


                      I did see Rigel when the Photoshop Touch announcement came, and I'm cautiously excited. It looks promising. And, I didn't notice the mention of size on first viewing. Interested to find out if that's a hint of a solution to my predicament...


                      Thanks for all the time and dialogue on this issue! It's been a lovely conversation.


                      On to the June updates for CC!

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                        floramc Adobe Community Professional

                        All but good, Jake, mark the answer as correct, I am not sure I understood it right, but it should be the way to say this conversation is over.


                        A pleasure to talk to you, good luck with everything and stay creative!