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    What settings should I use when setting up Flickr in Lightroom 6?


      I'm hoping to set up a Flickr page but don't know which settings to use in Lightroom.


      1. Publish Service… Whats this, my name? or other ID?

      2. Flickr Title… What is IPTC title vs filename? Does this matter?

      3. File Settings and Image Sizing… What settings are typically used by people who care about how their images appear on Flickr?

      4. Output Sharpening… Is this recommended?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You basically add in Flickr to the publishing manager dialog. If you are doing it for the first time simply click Set Up on the Flickr tab. Then authorize with your Yahoo ID and password.


          You will probably want to select IPTC Title and all metadata which will embed captions and keywords and make your photos searchable on the web. Most people leave filenames as they come out of the camera.


          More and more people are viewing photos on the iPad retina so those display dimensions are becoming standard and that will serve up images suitable for most other monitor sizes outside 4k and 5k.


          Standard sharpening for screen should be OK but check that your images don’t look over sharpened. Flickr doesn’t touch your originals but they apply automatic sharpening to the different size copies they make. You can change the saved publish service settings afterwards if necessary.


          This video tutorial gives quite a good run through.