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    Flex 2.0.1 Available

    peterent Level 2
      We've released Flex 2.0.1 - this is an update to Flex 2.0. If you have Flex Builder 2.0, this download is an update. Do not delete your Flex 2.0; the 2.0.1 will update your existing configuration.

      For the SDK and Flex Data Services, these are just new files, same with Charting.

      Link to the Flex 2.0.1 Update: Flex Support Center

      Please update your Flex 2 installation as soon as you can.

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          dimival Level 1
          Is it ok if i update my Flex Builder and then update Eclipse to a newer version? or should i first update Eclipse and then Flex Builder?
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            peterent Level 2
            I'm not certain about that combination. Read through the installation docs first.
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              dimival Level 1
              Nope, doesn't say anthing about that

              To update the Flex Builder 2 Eclipse plug-in on Windows:

              1. Read the Flex Builder 2 Release Notes for any late-breaking information, updates, and known issues.
              2. Download the Flex Builder 2.0.1 Update Installer for Windows from the Adobe Flex Support Center.
              3. Open or double-click the installer executable file.
              4. Accept the license agreement and follow the prompts.
              5. If the installer detects multiple installations of Flex Builder 2, it prompts you for the location to be updated.
              6. Select which Flash Player 9 browser plug-in to install:

              * Internet Explorer
              * Netscape or Firefox

              Note: Flex Builder 2.0.1 and Flex SDK 2.0.1 can run with the base version of Flash Player 9 (Version: 9,0,16,0 dated 6/27/07). However, it's best to install the Flash Player 9 Update.

              7. (Optional) When the installation finishes, restart your computer to ensure that the updated Flash Player browser plug-in is enabled.
              8. Start Flex Builder.
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                What about the Mac update? Any ETAs?

                Also, if I had Eclipse preinstalled and just used the Flex Eclipse Plugin, can I use Eclipse's built-in update mechanism to rev up?