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    problem of rendering


      Hello, I'm sorry for the quality of my English.

      I have a problem that I dont understand , when i uses the rendered button for look the sharpness for exemple the quality of the rendering it s very bad and i cant  know if my setting are good . But after export when i read the video no problem !!

      I use the 13 version that is updated.

      anyone can help me ?


      thank you  very much



      Windows 7 , i7 core 4790 , 8go ram



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Premiere Elements 13/13.1 on Windows 7 assumed 64 bit


          I am reading your problem as poor previewing for rendered Timeline, but good export quality for that Timeline content.


          Let us look at your situation more closely.


          What are the properties of what you are putting on your Timeline....video compression, audio compression, frame size, frame rate, interlaced or progressive, file extension, pixel aspect ratio? If you do not know, what is the brand/model/settings that recorded the video?


          What are you or the project setting as the project preset for this project? If you do not know, please tell us what the readings are for Editing Mode, Timebase, Frame Size, and Pixel Aspect Ratio (even if they look grayed out)...See Edit Menu/Project Settings/General.


          When you drag your video to the Timeline for the first time as the first file to the Timeline, is there no colored line over it or an orange line? If you are pressing the Render button and Timeline rendering begins, you must have an orange line over that content in order to be able to Render. If orange line before Render, is there a green line after Render? Is that orange line

          a. because you just edited a file


          b. the file is the first file dragged to the Timeline?


          The miscellaneous questions would be:

          a. Is your video card/graphics card up to date according to the web site of the manufacturer of the card?

          b. When you are doing this Timeline rendering which is for previewing purposes only, is the whole Timeline content being rendered? Any portions left out?


          Please review and consider. If any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to ask. I will re-write for any part that is not clear to you.


          Thank you.



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            cedh43524922 Level 1

            hello and thank you for you answer , i try to explain you  : i take the vieo with gopro 4 black and the video car is a GeForce dt 730 may be it s the problem ?

            i take the video in 1920 / 1080 29 frame seconds  and 30600 kbits / s  with a little size 120 mo ,

            i work in autmatic project , but i dont know why i can change the setting ( please look  picture )

            before working the setting alli the preview is goof but when i work the sharpness, after the line is red (the picture seems to be good but  picture is jerky ! but no big pixel and after the rendering there is many big pixel and i can work easy after)


            if you have other question for me there is no problems ,thank you

            look project.jpg

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply.




              1. Need to know properties of your source file. You wrote

              i take the video in 1920 / 1080 29 frame seconds  and 30600 kbits / s  with a little size 120 mo ,

              Do you know if that is interlaced video or progressive video?


              2. What are the settings under Edit Menu/Project Settings/General?


              3. What version of the program are you using? And are you OK with the project's render color indicator?




              What we need to see is Edit Menu/Project Settings/General. In the screenshot that you posted is shows what is under the Rendu Video instead of General. What we are looking for under the General category is

              Editing Mode


              Frame Size

              Pixel Aspect Ratio

              even if the fields look grayed out.


              The version of Premiere Elements that you show in the screenshot if from Premiere Elements 12, not 13. Earlier you said that you were using Premiere Elements 13. Please confirm which version of Premiere Elements is involved in the render issue. Premiere Elements 11, 12, and 13 are much alike, but knowing the version is still important.


              Rendering the Timeline content is a preview only type of procedure to get the best possible preview when you play back your Timeline content in the Edit area monitor. There is a render color indicator line above the Timeline content which the project uses to tell you whether or not you need to Timeline render to get the best possible preview. In Premiere Elements 11, 12, and 13...the render color indicator no colored line or an green colored line over the Timeline content means no Timeline render is possible or available....best preview

              orange, not red, colored line over the Timeline content means Timeline render is possible and available.

              But, the color line that you mentioned, red, is not used in Premiere Elements 11, 12, or 13. In your screenshot, we see the no colored line situation where no Timeline render is available or possible. What you see in the case of no colored line is the best possible preview that the program has to offer


              In these programs, the project preset is set automatically by the project based on the first file dragged to the Timeline or by you manually using File Menu/New/Project before you import the source files into the project. You cannot change the project settings after that using Edit Menu/Project Settings/General. You can see the project settings there but cannot make any significant changes to them. If you need to change the project settings at that point, you should start a new project (we can discuss that further once we know if you are working with Premiere Elements 12 or 13).


              Please consider and supply more details.


              Thank you.