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    Render only engine will not come up after following all the steps to set up the render only version of AE


      I have followed these steps:


           1. Go to the Creative Cloud download page to download and install After Effects CC.

           2. When the installation is complete, start After Effects.

           3. Choose Sign Out from the Help menu.

           4. Quit After Effects.

           5. Create and place the ae_render_only_node.txt file as described here.

      I did step five by creating a blank text file with the name "ae_render_only_node.txt" in both locations (since I can't get it to work as a render only engine)

           C:Users/[username]/My Documents

           C:Users/Public/Public Documents/Adobe

      Every time I activate AE (hoping to get the render only engine) I am asked to sign in and I get the full version.

      I am using a PC

      What am I missing?  What am I doing wrong?  Am I not opening the render engine correctly?