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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti worked on CS 5.5. It doesn't in CC 2014. Why?


      I used to edit HD on CS 5.5 (Windows) with a GTX 550 Ti that, after modifying the cuda_supported_cards.txt file worked perfectly, giving me the benefits of Mercury hardware acceleration.

      I've tried the same card on CC 2014 (also I've modified cuda_supported_cards.txt), but the hardware acceleration option is greyed out in CC 2014!

      What should I do?


      What is strange is that the GPUsniffer.exe included in the Premiere CS 5.5 installation folder recognizes the GTX 550 as a CUDA card, while GPUnsiffer.exe from the Premiere CC 2014 installation folder  just does not recognize the card as a CUDA device!