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    Text Field Background transparent?

      I am using a text field member to display file names that the user selects. I want this text field member to be semi-transparent or even 100% transparent but can't seem to find a way to do this. When I adjust the ink blend value for this sprite, the text inside the field changes, but the field itself does not.

      Is there any way to make a text field background transparent?

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          A couple of notes:

          The Direct to stage option for text members provides faster scrolling
          but prevents ink effects from working.

          The scrollbar seems to always render direct to stage flashing on
          separately when a new frame is accessed, using the custom scrollbar (
          with text member mode set to fixed size) behavior from the library
          palette with custom art allows blend settings to work on nthe scroll bar.
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            cratica Level 1
            Thanks JB.

            Bottom line is I don't believe the field member's background can be modified. There is no provision for changing the direct to stage function, therefore background transparencies are disabled.

            What I did was used a text field instead and now I have the desired effect.