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    Pixelated previews




      I have a frequent issue with Lightroom in which some photos don't properly load their previews. Normally Lightroom will show pixelated previews for just a split second before loading the real preview. But with these photos, it never actually loads the full preview and just shows the pixelated version.


      I have tried building 1:1 previews manually, I've tried deleting previews and then rebuilding them, etc. and nothing works. To be clear, it's not an image sharpening issue -- the photos are sharp themselves, they just don't load properly in Lightroom.


      Here's an example screenshot of 2 different photos of the same sharpness. On the left the image loads properly, but for some reason the next one remains pixelated. (I zoomed in on this photo to show the difference better)


      Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 8.11.41 PM.png


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          GautamBahl Adobe Employee

          Hi Justin,


          Where are the images located? Are they on a local drive or external?


          Also which version of Lightroom are you using? If you are using Lightroom CC can you try the same in Lightroom 5


          Please share the results for the above asked queries so i can further help you out.


          Thank you for posting on Adobe Forums.

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I’d suggest deleting your entire previews cache outside of LR.  To do this:


            1)      Find the LR catalog folder.  If you don’t know where it is, the path is listed in LR / Preferences / Catalog Settings.


            2)      Exit LR, and make a backup on the way out of LR.


            3)      Find the catalogname Previews.lrdata folder and delete it using an OS function.


            4)      Restart LR.


            Make sure you DO NOT DELETE THE LRCAT FILE.  This is your LR catalog.

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              fligtar Level 1

              The images are on a local drive. I'm using Lightroom CC currently, but the same problem occurred in Lightroom 5, which I was using up until 2 weeks ago.

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                fligtar Level 1

                I deleted (renamed) the Previews.lrdata and so far it seems to have helped... I won't know for sure until a few days of using it and making sure I don't come across the problem again.


                Thank you!