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    Samsung 850 Pro Setup


      Hi, I am about to buy the Samsung 850 Pro and was wondering if because of the speed and outstanding read/write ability, do I still need to separate projects, media cache etc to multiple disks?  Is there really  benefit anymore?


      I could get 2 and have


      1. OS and programs

      2. projects, exportm media cache etc (all premiere stuff)


      Or get 3 and


      1. OS and programs

      2. projects, media

      3. exports, media cache, previews


      I just dont want to be wasting money

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          it will depend on how much disk speed you actually need. if you are working with highly compressed mp4 files then the ssd's wont be under much demand. if you are working with 4k raw in multicam then ssd will be having to work much more. once a program like premiere is open the OS/programs ssd isn't doing much and can possibly work as cache. you can start with 2 and configure them that way. then watch the disk usage with a resource monitor program to see how they are holding up, if needed you could then add more ssd's to meet demands.

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            JFPhoton Level 3

            Also, the REST of you computer determines if adding those SSDs will be of any benefit. If all the other components are weak, it may not help at all. We would need to know what hardware you have and what material you are trying to edit. The version of PPro you are using is also important. Generally, one 850 Pro with just the OS, programs and page file on it, PLUS a second 850Pro for EVERYTHING else is a good start. A large, fast enterprise level HDD can be added for backup and archiving. many are running at over 200MB/sec. these days. You will need this as the space on the expensive SSDs is so small.