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    nokia lumia 1020 occasional error when importing DNG


      I am increasingly experiensing errors when processing some, but not all, DNG from the Lumia 1020 to LR.  All DNGs are imported without problem an photos are added to the library with original preview and metadata. However, when LR tries to build new previews of all imported images (I guess) some of the photos cannot be processed.


      Initial troubleshooting shows that the photos with this error do have a smaller file size than those working, but only approx. 1 kB out of a total of 42 MB. i have no knowledge of the DNG fike structure to start debuggong what is missing.

      I recently upgraded from LR4 to LR6, without seeing any change in behaviour, and since this have appeared recently it is naturally to think the change lies in the DNG generation on the Windows Phone. Still, in addition to the phone itself, I have tried a third party image viewer that was able to process the DNG, which LR will not.


      So, the question is if this is an error on the phone, i.e. DNG file, or could it be the Adobe Raw Convertor DNG processing? I have not found a solution to this problem online, but I would be surprised if I am the only one that have encountered this problem.

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          ccastleb Adobe Employee



          We are not aware of any issues with the Lumia's DNG output.


          Would it be possible to post a copy both a working and non-working image to a file share (e.g. Dropbox) and share the link so we can take a look internally?


          If this is a bug in how DNGs are being written from the phone, we may be able to provide some information for you to share with Nokia.




          - Chris

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            olesn Level 1

            Thanks for looking into this. Hope this link works. One photo that is processed correctly and one that gives an error.


            https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=cfbbb77554e5299c!41852&authkey=!AHuNZqutew3_thE&ithi nt=folder%2cdng

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              ccastleb Adobe Employee

              Got the images, thanks!


              As you suspected, there is an issue with the file sizes between the images that work with Lr and those that do not. It appears like the "bad" images are not being completely written out either by the camera, or via the import process. Lr detects this and avoids reading the image because it's possible doing so could read beyond the actual file data and cause a crash.


              Is it possible for you to try a different method of importing? For example, what happens if you first move the images from the phone to your machine's hard drive and then import into Lr?


              Also, are the images being written to internal phone storage, or via extended storage on a microSD card?




              - Chris

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                olesn Level 1

                All images are stored in internal phone memory, as there is no SD card option on the Lumia 1020. Further, files can only be copied over MTP when using USB, as far as I know. Only other option to get the files of the phone is to sync with OneDrive or similar. This produces the same error with the same photos synced over USB, so it should be safe to say this error is created when saving the DNG at capture time.


                Are you able to indicate more precise what data is missing in the "bad" DNGs? Your description above indicates that the file contents all indicate that the file should be approx 1kB larger but is missing the very last bytes. This can explain that other DNG converters do manage to read all sensor data, if this last data is not used information. Another possibility is that the "bad" DNG may miss a mandatory file element, e.g. a checksum, which ARC requires while other converters skip.


                I will present your findings to the MS/Lumia support team and ask for a solution. If you have further details on the file error it would be greatly appreciated.

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                  ccastleb Adobe Employee

                  We weren't able to determine specifically which data is missing, only that the amount of data expected was greater than the length of the actual file. Please send me a message when you hear back from MS/Lumia. If they need to work with Adobe on this, I can put them in contact with the right individuals on the engineering team.

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                    I've the same issue. Some pictures are ok (more then ok I.. amazing) and some are not working with Lightroom.  I tested them  (the not working one) with an RAW Image Viewer and I could view all of them. So they are not damaged.

                    I currently in the decision progress and because this a about 40% of my raw/dng picture it's a major issue for me.


                    Is there any progress?