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    Lightroom 5 and NEF files


      I bought a nikon1 J5 camera and it makes RAW files.

      But those are NEF files and Lightroom 5 doesn't seem to support NEF files?


      Does anyone know if these filles will be supported by Lightroom and how i can use them now?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your camera was only released a few weeks go so it will be necessary to await the next Adobe update. Although the NEF support will only be available in LR6, which you can then buy for the upgrade price or subscribe via creative Cloud. Adobe will offer a free DNG converter with the camera raw update; so if you prefer to continue using LR5 you could convert your NEF files and the DNG’s will work with LR5.


          In the meantime you could use Nikon software to convert NEF to Tif and then import the tiff files into LR5 although they are usually larger in size than DNG.

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            richardk74279735 Level 1

            Thanks for you answer.
            Also tried a samsung NX 3000 and that is included in the list of supported camera's for RAW but I can't open or view and import any of the SRW files. I have Lightroom 5 and Camera RAW 7.1 and later. There are no updates available for now.
            So this isn't working as well. Getting a bit frustrated

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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Go to the LR help menu and choose System Info. Confirm you have version 5.7.1

              If you are fully up to date there must be something wrong with the files. Have they been opened in any Samsung or other software?


              You could try shooting a few new raw files and use a card reader to get them into a folder on your computer. Then import into LR using “Add”