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    About loading multiple swfs

      Hello folks...

      I have some serious problem with loading multiple swfs in a swfLoader whithin an application...

      The problem is that... every time I load another swf in a swfloader,

      the memory that the Internet Explorer uses justs keeps going up and up

      and one time (maybe after 15 - 20 minutes) it just crashes...

      To be more specific, my application loads a new swf in a regular basis (every 30 seconds)

      to make it like a slideshow...

      and it also has fonts embedded in it

      yet to minimize the total memory used by this application,

      I've did somthing like this...

      var sys:SystemManager = contentLoader.content as SystemManager;
      if (sys && sys.numChildren>0) {
      contentLoader.source= DisplayManager.convertToAppSWFName ( subAppID );

      and every application has an removedEventHandler which listens to removed Event,

      and removes all listeners registered to it when it is removed from this display list..

      So I'm very curious why the memory usages just keeps rising...

      If you have any hints, they'd be greatly appreciated...

      Thanks in advance!!!!