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    Poor display of ® (registered trademark) in hyperlink text


      Normally when showing a ® glyph in PDFs I prefer to display them as superscripts. I've now run into situations where they are part of the text displayed for hyperlinks to URLs. I have two options:

      1. Display without making glyph a superscript as shown in this snip snip_26may2015.JPG
      2. Display glyph as superscript which appears even worse than that shown above because the underline of the ® appears in the superscript position instead of aligned with the remainder of the link.


      Does anyone have a solution to this issue?



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          mauras17129379 Level 1

          Finally solved this myself!

          1. Created a new character style for just this one character and based it upon my default Hyperlink character style. Made following changes: Character Style Options > Underline Options > Shift up = 1 pt; underline offset = 1.8 pts; underline weight = 1.25 pts ===>> End result it is not almost perfectly aligned and functions as a link.snip_26may2015_3.JPG
          2. Followed the above procedure but changed the settings to as follows: Character Style Options > Underline Options> Shift up = 1 pt; superscript; underline offset = 5.8 pt; underline weight = 1.25 pt ===>> End result is ® in the superscript position with the underline portion almost perfectly aligned with the remainder of the link.snip_26may2015_4.JPG