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    Error parsing the Tag Library Descriptor

      Hello all-

      First, let me tell you that my goal is to have my server be 100% free of ColdFusion errors. This is actually a big task, as I have about 10,000 ColdFusion templates on the server, but I've been getting this cleaned up slowly.

      The primary tool in this has been the server-wide error handler, which e-mails me every time it receives an error. Then I can go in, fix the error, never to see it again. Most errors have been coming from search engines, and sql injection attempts where they attempt urls with missing variables, improper variables or something like that.

      (More on SQL Injection in my next post)

      But, I have gotten down to where one of the few errors I still get is this:

      Error parsing the Tag Library Descriptor

      This occurs when the URL they are attempting to hit is completely wrong. In the case of an error I received this morning, they were trying to hit this URL:


      azlist.shtml is a valid page
      index.cfm is a valid page

      But there is no index.cfm in an azlist.shtml folder, of course. This request came from a confused search engine.

      This error does not mean the page is missing (I already handle that) it just means that somehow the request is so messed up that I get this error.

      Does anyone have an idea of how I can handle this? Having it go to my standard error page just sends me an e-mail, which I would like to avoid because there isn't much I can do to fix it.

      Is there a server setting I can change to handle this differently?

      Is my best option to just trap this in my error handling page? Should I check to see if 'Error parsing the Tag Library Descriptor ' is in the error message, then just ignore it? I really don't like the idea of ignoring errors, because I may not be notified about something important.

      Thanks for reading this, and please let me know if you have any ideas.