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    Moving clips to timeline?


      Hello, thanks for stopping by to read my question.


      I'm having an issue where it's very difficult to move a small clip all the way to the timeline.

      1) Here is my work area:

      I am trying to move the small clip selected to the red timeline. When I try and move it when its in this zoom length, it won't let me. I try and hover over the small clip for the mouse button, but i only arrows pop up (arrows that extends clips and trims clips), instead of the mouse.



      2) Here is the same work area (zoomed in):



      Now I've managed to get the mouse when I hover over the clip and I can move the clip freely. However, recently when I move the clip out of the work are, the work are doesn't move. The clip only moves out of the work area. Then I have to move the work area again and move the clip again and repeat. I have tried to fix this issue by resetting my preferences, however it still is not fixed.


      Please suggest easier ways I could perform this action. Also, is there a keyboard shortcut for this?


      I am looking forward to your replies

      Thank you very much for you help.