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    Lightroom 6 issues


      I am really unhappy with LR6.


      Here are several issues i have discovered:


      1. Panorama

      Merge to panorama creates a dng with cut-off highlights. (i thought dng is nearly an equivalent of raw)

      50/50 chance with big panoramas that LR6 will eat all the ram and become REALLY slow.


      2. Touchscreen

      On my touchscreen the local adjustments are not working anymore (worked in lr5 flawless).

      Instead of using the brush LR6 now uses touchscreen only for setting flags or going forward/backwards in the catalog.

      In touch mode the text size is to big and overlaps each other.


      3. Speed

      GPU acceleration is practical non sense.

      Even on the quite fast 7970M it's sluggish.

      It only accelerates the things that were fast before. (brightness/contrast)


      Export now uses all cpu cores. (Thanks for that!)

      LR5 only used 4 of 8 / 2 of 4.

      LR6 now takes all cores.

      !Unfortunately the speedup is nearly not noticeable.!

      LR5 Export was way faster than when starting 2 export actions to use all cores. (2x half the catalog)


      4. Smart previews

      Are now pixelated when using GPU acceleration and zooming into 1:1.



      Tested on:


      Clevo P150EM / 3630qm / Radeon HD7970m / 16GB

      HP Pavilion 360x / Pentium N3540 / Intel HD Graphics / 8GB


      Sorry for my bad English.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          GPU acceleration is primarily for the benefit of Mac users who have high resolution retina screens. You will probably see an improvement in performance, and possibly a correction of some of the other problems you are experiencing if you disable GPU acceleration in your Lightroom preferences. I know, you have a superpowered computer, and in your opinion it should benefit from GPU acceleration. But try disabling it and compare performance.

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            thomasf57222103 Level 1

            I actually disabled gpu acceleration on both notebooks.

            Future versions hopefully see an improvement for this.

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              Keith_Reeder Level 4

              JimHess wrote:


              GPU acceleration is primarily for the benefit of Mac users who have high resolution retina screens.


              At the risk of briefly hijacking the thread, GPU acceleration works brilliantly on my Win 8.1 box/standard monitor, Jim - the performance improvements (mainly the instaneous appearance on the preview of the effect of any slider movement) is worth the price of entry all by itself. It makes the overall experience of using Lr much more agreeable in terms of speed and responsiveness than when it's deactivated.


              I think this needs to be said - GPU acceleration is by no means only to the advantage of Mac users, even at this early stage.


              To Thomas: are you sure your GPUs have the most up-to-date drivers? This made a huge difference for my Radeon R 7260X.

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                thomasf57222103 Level 1

                Actually the adjustment sliders are faster now.

                But that was never an issue on a quad core i7.

                An issue is something like locally removing moire.

                Nothing is slower than that!

                GPU turned on or not, this is really something Adobe has to work on!


                I really hope we will see progress soon.

                I thought that the huge load of the develop module would be overtaken by the gpu, so that the cpu would be free for the rest of LR6.

                In this case it would work really good on something like the Intel Pentium N series.

                There is much potential to optimize.



                @Keith_Reeder, drivers are up to date!

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                  JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Point well taken, Keith. That is why I added the qualifier "primarily" to my answer. But you have called me twice on this, so I won't say it any more. I don't have any features on my computer that will take advantage of GPU acceleration, so I'm probably trying to discuss something that is clear out of my element. I will leave these type of problems to you.

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                    ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I think whether GPU acceleration works better or not is a function of several things.  On my Windows 8.1 computers, one old one newer, with my photos and LR catalog on a USB3-attached HD, the GPU acceleration is slower on one and jerkier on the other so I have shut it off.  Perhaps if I had an SSD and my photos and catalog on an internal drive I’d benefit from a GPU.