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    Backslash, 'Library' module and 'Before' view show yellow tinted images


      I upgraded to LR CC and have run into a new problem that never before existed. 


      During import, the only settings I have applied is my copyright - no develop presets.  As I look at the images in the library once they are imported, they all have a yellow tint.  If I click over to the Develop Module, the yellow tone disappears and the images look more neutral.  While in Develop, if I hit the backslash to show the original, it shows me the yellow tinted image, and the same happens when using the Before/After view. 


      I cannot figure out what is causing this.  Windows 8, import as DNG, monitor is software calibrated.  I have never had this problem before with several generations of Lightroom.


      Any help would be appreciated.