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    Screen Vs Print - Liquid Layouts?


      Greeting All


      We use in-design for architectural concept documentation which is often presented both as a screen medium (PDF with a few bonus interactive elements included) and then distributed as hard copy print.


      I'm struggling to find an effective/efficient way to achieve both outputs from the same file using anchored objects and alternate layouts. I'm convinced it should be easy but am struggling, therefore any pointers are appreciated.


      Screen layout - Page titles and footers always appear in the same place so that when presenting they do not jump about.

      Print Layout - Facing pages with footers and titles orientated away from spine so that they always fall at outer edges of the page.


      Every page has different titles and and such there are 4 object styles (with associated paragraph styles) set up within the sheet


      Title_noToc (for following pages)




      I'm reluctant to get into too many variables and running headers for sections as sections of the document are always quite short and my colleagues need to tangibly enter the page titles on the spreads as opposed to via variables and the like.


      Any pointers would be appreciated, I had  brief moment of success with anchoring the titles, however all subsequent attempts end up graying out the option to work relative to spine and therefore do not jump accordingly.


      Thoughts appreciated