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    Help- "Host Runtime Files" setting re-sets upon publishing


      Having a strange situation, here...


      I am trying to publish an Edge animation, in a mode that I call "Vanilla."  This means that all the checkboxes on the right-hand size of the publish setting window are UNCHECKED.  Specifically, the "Host Runtime files on Adobe CDN" box needs to be unchecked.


      My procedure:


      1: Go into export settings

      2: Uncheck that box

      3: Click "save" in settings.

      4: Save file

      5: Publish animation.

      I open that published file, and- whaddya know- the "Host Runtime files on Adobe CDN" box is checked, again!

      Upon publication, edge seems to be overwriting my publish settings.  How do I turn this "feature" off?


      Thanks for any help you can provide!!!