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    Upright settings do not syn to all photos




      I am a real estate photographer and the upright function in Lightroom is a big help in my workflow. The only problem is that I can't figure out how to sync the settings to all of the photos.

      This is what I do:

      I chose the first photo in develop mode, go to lens correction, choose vertical.

      Than I select all photos (they are all different buildings and angles), including the first photo, and hit Sync... on the right bottom corner.

      For some reason the upright setting does not copy to all photos, just to some of them.

      When I then select the one which has not changed, and hit "reanalyze" in the lens correction section, it straightens the building, so clearly lightroom is able to straighten it.

      I tried to purge the Cache, but has not solved the issue.


      Any idea why it is not straightening all photos?


      Thank you for your help in advance!