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    How to apply DiffInfo and DiffService api for the dynamic images?

    jayak13010535 Level 1

      We have a requirement for creating a customized textimage component, however, we are not able to see the differences for an image and text between different versions.

      I would like to use DiffInfo and DiffService, but the issue comes when I am applying this logic for the images which are coming dynamically.

      Refer the below code:


          <div data-src='${is:getImageWithRenditions(properties.imageFileReference,properties.imageRendi tionS)}' data-media="(min-width: 320px)"></div> 


      Here, getImageWithRenditions method is returning the 'cq5.dam.thumbnail.40.40.png', basically a thumbnail images with the renditions passed to this method.


      Thanks in advance.