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    Well, I just spent over 45 minutes in a chat window with an Adobe Rep asking him to reconcile 2 Adobe ID's, only to be told to post my question/problem in this forum. I will search the E License error within the forums, after the steam stops coming out of


      Anybody got a quick fix for reconciling 2 Adobe ID's - I created a second after a major computer crash and relocation from one country to another, only to discover that ADE 3.0 is now showing the E License error (which I understood to mean I had 2 ID"s)  I now am unable to download Epub's from my local library without getting the E License error message.
      I have to use 3.0 due to a 3 year old Kobo Touch.


      Any help appreciate, I'd like to be able to get back to using the library!!



      (and Adobe customer chat support - you suck.)