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    Missing Audio

      So ok. I imported a Powerpoint deck and recorded audio for each slide. When we preview the individual slides, the audio playsback is fine, however when we publish a swf file or view a preview of the entire presentation, the audio drops out after the 10th slide (of about 80). Does anyone have any ideas as to why this would be happening? Are there any settings I should be checking?
      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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          Hal_2001 Level 1
          Too many variables to isolate to a specific cause. How much "stuff" is included in the movie? I mean objects like images, highlight boxes, buttons, etc.. How large is the project in pixels (physical size)? How large is the published SWF (digital size)? Is the problem occurring on just one machine or many? Are you seeing this when viewing the published project from the web, or from a local machine? All of the above has to do with available resources, which I'd think should be eliminated as a suspect first.

          Beyond that, does it always "drop out" at exactly the 10th slide, or just "in the neighborhood" of the 10th slide? What is on the 11th slide that might be causing an "override" of slide-level audio? Have you tried removing - and replacing - just the audio on slide #10?

          Questions, questions ....

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            kazamguy Level 1
            Thanks for responding. As it happens I figured a work-around a few hours after posting, I simply lowered the audio quality from CD to FM quality and now the movie works fine in previews and after publishing to swf. In the interests of sharing, the movie was pretty simple. A generic 70 slide PP deck with simple animations and audio recorded into Captivate for each slide. With regards to pixels, the movie was 720 x 540, and the Captivate file was 340 mb. The problem occured on local machines. It never hit the web.

            Thanks for your time and effort.