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    Lightroom CC slow in loading images

    john tc51015121 Level 1

      My Lightroom CC on a Windows 8.1 machine was running very well.  Sometime ago I had problems with it launching slowly and loading images slowly and used the Sign out sign in trick from the Creative Cloud.  Then yesterday it started loading images incredibly slowly after launching.  I tried the sign out sign in trick again to no avail.  If I shutdown LR previously with a folder containing images open, the subsequent launch is agonizingly slow until I clicked on a top level folder in Library that contained no images, then LR launched super quick.  I have a two monitor set up and if I go to a folder with images and scroll through the Grid view on one monitor, the other monitor with the full image display just takes forever (>> greater than 45 sec) to load image and LR just crashes sometimes.  I am running a fairly powerful machine (64 bit, eight Intel i7 3.5 Ghz processors, 16 gigs of memory).  LR CC tells me my NVIDEA GPU fails OpenGL support so I have tried Graphic processor enabled and disabled with no difference in image loading results.  Any help before I just go back to LR 5?


      Message was edited by: John T Capone - From habit I said I was running Windows 7 but it is Windows 8.1 and I added some content to my question.