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    Variable Text Future Date


      We have a monthly print newsletter with the month and year at the top. In trying to refine my workflow, I'd like to automate this date.


      I've figured out how to automate the current month, but I need it to automatically post-date to next month (we just sent June's newsletter to press and it's the end of May).

      I'd think this is fairly common in newsletter publication, but after all my digging, I've turned up nothing.


      Thanks in advance!

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          robbiny99056709 Level 1

          I'm looking for the exact same thing, and for the same reason. I'm working on a newsletter that goes to press  a month before its publication date. As you said it's fairly common, but I found another post also on this forum asking about the same thing in 2008 with no answer.


          Can anyone come up with the script for this purpose?


          Thank you.


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