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    Combo Box No Worky

      I am creating a computer based lesson that uses a parent movie for the overall interface and it loads each topic as a child movie.

      Everything works as advertised except for the combo box. I have matching questions in a topic and when I run the topic on its own, it's all good. HOWEVER, when my parent movie loads this topic as a child, the combo box STOPS WORKING.

      Specifically, when you mouseover and click on one of the CBs, it gets a light green line (highlight) around it, indicating that it does indeed have the focus, but NOTHING happens when you click on it! The drop down list does not appear and no selections can be made. Again, this works fine when the swf that contains the CBs is run on its own. It only fails to work when this movie is loaded into another.

      This description screams of a pathing problem. However, the only code I have associated with these CBs, is a change function, whose only purpose is to gray out the column B selections. I have NO CODE concerning the operation of the CB...and the drop down list values are hard wired into the CBs using the parameters window found in the properties panel when the CB is selected.

      All swfs are compiled as Flash 7 with AS 2. (But again, there is no code in this topic that alters the built in functionality of the CB).

      Anyone hear of this problem or can think of what would cause this?


      Although the CB is highlighted, the mouse cursor DOES NOT CHANGE as it does for other mouse over events.