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    Advanced workgroup writing style guide/dictionary?


      Is there a way to create, or software that provides, an advanced workgroup writing style guide or dictionary beyond identifying misspelled words and hyphenation? Can an admin identify terms such that when they are used incorrectly by those in the workgroup an alternate is prompted. Examples:

      - If "future returns" is used, the user should be prompted to change it to "future results" (though "returns" should not prompt a correction in other contexts)

      - If an en dash is used to signify a pause, the user would be prompted to instead use an em dash

      - If a serial/oxford comma is used, the user would be prompted to remove it


      The only advanced writing style guide software I've been able to find so far that's compatible with InDesign is Tansa, but I'm looking for alternatives. As it stands, the "dictionary" function in InDesign does not appear to offer these advanced writing style capabilities.