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    importing into lightroom from OS X photos


      Hello all,

      I have a large Apple Aperture library (~50000) and was considering moving to lightroom. Before doing so I thought I'd let my wife give OS X Photos a go. She's now spent condsiderable time in "Photos" going through and deleting reject pictures but was very unhappy with the program.

      "Fine, we'll move to Lightroom" I said but then found out that everything she'd done in Photos was not seen by Aperture. The Aperture library was unchanged. I had read that edits wouldn't port over but was thinking about cropping etc. to a picture, and didn't realise that even deleting a picture wouldn't carry over.

      Lightroom can import the album structure from Aperture & iPhoto but doesn't recognise the Photos library.

      Photos can't export in a folder structure that duplicates the album structure.

      How can I get the library out of Photos with the folder/album structure intact?

      Does anyone know if the import option in lightroom going to be updated with a "Photos" option?