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    How do I fix my text function?


      I am able to select the function and draw my desired box, but then when i go to type the actual text it is like each letter is a different short cut. Different selections start being made within the program like different layers being selected, new views, different functions being opened. I have already upgraded to the most recent Fireworks and still no changes. Please help me with this

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          Herbert2001 Level 4

          Windows or Mac? And does it happen with other type faces as well?


          If you work on a Mac, be sure to turn of Spotify, and close Chrome completely. These are known to be incompatible on newer Macs when running Fireworks.

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            BeckyLou52 Level 1

            I am using a Windows computer.

            I believe you are asking me if this issue happens when I am using othe programs' type options; and no, it does not happen with any other program but Fireworks. I almost always close every oter program while using Fireworks, unless I need to find something during a project.


            I do want to say, Thank you for your speedy response. I was away and unable to see it until now.

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              MACnTUTOR Level 3

              Delete the preferences file and then do an uninstall, install and update.



              Windows Location: [drive]:\Documents and Settings\[UserName]\Application Data\Adobe\Fireworks CS4\English\Fireworks CS4 Preferences.txt


              Mac Location:[User]/Library/Preferences/Adobe Fireworks CS4/en/Fireworks Preferences


              Select the file and delete it.



              First: uninstall all copies of Fireworks and


              Second: reinstall Fireworks so that it is at it's "base state" and then


              Third: update