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    DataGrid Refresh Problem

      I have a datagrid that has 3 columns:

      Column A: Quantity
      Column B: Price
      Column C: (Quanity * Price) <---- The problem is here.

      I am currently capturing the KeyUp event and calculating the value for Column C. I have tried setting the result to the DataGrid, but this didn't work. Then I tried setting it to the underlying dataprovider and that worked (when you view it in debug-mode the update shows up as expected), however it doesn't show up on the DataGrid until the itemFocusOut event fires. I also tried the labelFunction, but it also didn't fire until the itemFocusOut event fires.

      It should be an easy thing to force the DataGrid to update when I want tell it to (maybe something like....dataGrid.Refresh(), or maybe dataGrid.dataProvider.Refresh()), but as I am finding out, nothing is as easy as it seems in Flex. So if anyone knows how to "work-around" this problem, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. BTW, I did read through the list of bug fixes for Flex 2.0.1, and it didn't look like any of the issues, including this one, that I'm running across were fixed.

      - Mike