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    Trouble with Lr 5.7, 64-bit, in Library Module.


      When I have the side panels hidden in Library Module & want to reopen them, “Lightroom Not Responding,” has happened for a few weeks. This happens whether I use the shortcut or left click the arrows. Sometimes it does respond, but more often, it does not, and I have to do a manual shutdown of my computer. (And I know that is not good.) When I am working in Lr, I don’t have any other windows open, running programs are at a minimum & am not experiencing trouble in the Develop Module. In fact, it mainly happens when I am sorting thru photos, picking or rejecting them, and I want to reopen the left panel, but has happened when trying to reopen the right panel.


      I am on a Windows 8.1, Dell computer. On C Drive I have 804-GB free, 112-GB used, with 916-GB capacity. My external hard drive, with my photos on it, has 569-GB free, 362-GB used on a 931GB drive. Monthly, or so, I run a disk cleanup, error check every few months, and defrag is set weekly.


      In Lr, I have the presets folder & catalog settings on my C drive in the same folder. Back-up, Test Integrity, and Optimize Catalog is set for everytime I exit. Today, I reread optimizing performance for Lr & made a few tweaks, but don’t think this is the problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      BTW: can Lr CC & PS CC work offline or must an internet connection be used just to work on photos? Thanks in advance!