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    decreasing a score

      Okay, I was working my way through the MX 2004 game development book, and then I had the opportunity to make a game to teach good foods from bad foods. So, I altered the whack a capsule game that was in the book pretty significantly, mostly using it as a jumping point.

      My problem is this: I have some of the tubes containing healthier foods, and others containing less healthy foods. when the player clicks on the good foods, the score goes up just fine, but when the player clicks on the bad foods, the score for the bad foods doesn't increment, it adds it into the score for the good foods. It does this even though they're supposed to look at different variables. I have had three people looking at it with me, and they can't figure out what's wrong, either, though they have suggested several things.

      This is the part of the code that is misbehaving (if you need the rest of it, or the fla, I can provide it):