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    Customer Service Nightmare - Billing Department - Someone please help?


      I have been a Creative Cloud customer for years. I recently acquired a new credit card and cancelled the card that was used for my monthly automatic payments to Adobe. I logged into my Adobe account and updated my payment information. When my payment date rolled around, the payment did not go through. I thought to myself, "Maybe I made an error and typed an incorrect digit", so I logged back in to my Adobe account and updated the payment information again. This did not help. My horrific experience with customer service began that day - April 20, 2015. This nightmare has continued for more than a month and I've spent COUNTLESS HOURS on the phone and on chat with customer support. I have contacted my bank, USAA, twice - both times they have told me the only reason the charge coming through from Adobe is being denied is that the address Adobe has for me on file (my old address) does not match the address associated with my new credit card (my new address). I did update the address with my new payment information, but apparently do not have access to update the address Adobe has on file for my account.


      I have been told that my address has been updated countless times, but the automatic payments continue to get denied from my bank and my bank states the same issue - the address Adobe is sending through with the charge request is incorrect and does not match my current address.


      When Adobe Support sends the auto-generated emails titled "Adobe Case Update" and provide a link to a "Customer Support Portal", my OLD ADDRESS is prominently displayed at the top with my name. My OLD ADDRESS, even though I've been assured and reassured countless times my address has been updated in the system. The only thing I can think of is that the address is not being updated across all platforms, most importantly in the billing/payments department.


      I am just trying to pay my monthly Adobe Creative Cloud bill. How can something as simple as updating my address on my account have taken more than 8 hours of my time over the past 5 weeks?


      Somebody please help!!!!!!

      Thanks, Maggie