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    AE CC 2014 still not using multiprocessing like it should

    darviniusb45022409 Level 1

      I am really really tired of this issue.


      24 cores workstation, dual Xeon v3, dual GTX 970 gpu, 64 GB system ram, 8GB video ram , 4k monitors, 6TB raid, ssd cache drive,  and so on, awesome workstation for every 3D/2D software out there except Ae,  Ae cc 2014 updated to last version and still mp not working how it should( waited 20 minutes to initialize 11 bg renderers with mp on, for god sake).

      I use for years a workaround (from the time of cs3) for this, i lunch multiple(10-15) solo instances of single threaded AE with skip frame cheked,with the BG renderer script but that takes time also. Is really that hard after so many years to implement a dam out of the box multiprocessing working solution? 

      Another problem is that the raytracer is not working at all now-days and for every dam simple 3d shape i need to use 3D elements or cineware. Is ridiculous! Not to mention that dam cache is filling the ssd drive so fast and is not updating the cache how it should when i reload the updated 3D renderings. I must always manual empty cache from pref also.


      Really really tired of this crap, sometimes i lose even 1 hour trying to render my scenes from Ae because of various problems while the clients are waiting for a preview render. Not to mention i cant show a dam rampreview when i want to my creative director bcz Ae mp is working only when he wants and without mp doing a ram cache is CRAZY slow in linear 32 bit float.

      This software is becoming more and more ridiculous slow, and i am a user with over 12 years of Ae.