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    Downloading a 53 min project it taking about 8 hrs. Never had this happen before. Trying tl sve it in my


      capture via AUDIALS from Utube. Wired this started happening what data became large on timeline.

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          What version of Premiere Elements and on what computer computer operating system is it running?

          Detail the computer resources and indicate 32 or 64 bit computer.


          What is your Premiere Elements Add Media (version 11, 12, or 13) or Get Media (version 10 and earlier) choice?


          What is the typical size of the download from YouTube Wired that you have done successfully in the past?


          Are you OK with the downloading rights on this...typically the YouTube agreement does not allow for downloads from its web site without

          permission - unless the material being download is your own which you have uploaded to YouTube.


          Let us start here and then decide what next.


          Thank you.



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            Thank you for the kind and calm reply Mr.(or Ms.) Romano.

            I was so frustrated when I wrote my first question, I could even spell anything correctly.I'll try to explain what system I have and what has happened.

            I am using PRE11 running on Microsoft Window 7 Home Premium 64bit, on a Dell XPS420, havinf an Intel Core Quad CPU Q66000  @ 2.40GHz with 8GB of RAM.

            My "Add Media" is version 11, I guess

            Have not edited videos from YouTube in the past.

            This video is of the University of Richmond Commencement Ceremony and I did not check on the rights to use it.I thought, perhaps incorrectly, that since it was recorded by the university and is available at no fee to anyone, it wouylkd not be right protected.

            I downloaded the material using AUDIALS and had no trouble adding it into Premiere11 or editing it (except for what I will later discuss). It is approximately 53 minutes in length and contains around 6Gb of data.

            Around 3/4 of the way through, wierd things started happening, and not necessarily consistantly: I couldn't play or stop on the timeline with the space bar (had to use the motion buttons under the viewing screen and to edit audio, needed to use the forward and reverse arrows on the keyboard), Sometimes clips might not play audio, etc. The only way to restore functions was to attempt to save the version (fortunately I didn't forget to save too many times nor did I do too much work before I did save, plus auto-save was working just fine).

            I put in my lower-third supers for naming the speqakers; fades, time stretches, and/or any FX as I go along. With probably around 30 minutes edited, the functions started slowing down: starting & stopping was not always responsive, moving the edit marker was sticky and in general the whole process became slow.

            When I finished and prepared to "Publish & Share", no matter what format I used, rendering to a file was extremely slow. At first it was estimated to take 53 hours to complete, but actually the length of time needed was around 8 hours. This was quiute surprising to me, but I went ahead. When finished, the next morning, there was the file, but with no sound.

            I've tried twice more, with different devices chosen for recording, needing the same time frame and giving the same resul\ts (8hrs, no audio).

            I had been putting everything into my C drive, but switched to my 2nd internal 2TB drive and decided to record on a DVD.No difference, same result. No matter which drive I used, however, everytime I want to play some thing along the timeline I get a notice saying "Now rendering necessary files", even if I just want to look at a short clip. This process doesn't last very long, perhaps it's just audio, but I don't remember this happening in the past.

            I have downloaded the latest drivers for my one video card (I checked the device manager). It is an NVIDEA GeForce GT630.

            Why does  the "publishing process" take so long? I wish I could record to a DV Camcorder, like I did with 525i in the old days (I know one can't do that with HD cams now).

            My concern is that If you are correct and I need permission to copy this edited version,which is only intended for myself and my famiy, am I going to have to capture all the video again (almost 3 hours) and go through the editing proccess once more?

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              Thanks for the reply and the details.


              I think that it would be in your best interest to sort out the rights to use for the YouTube download that you want to use in your Premiere Elements project.

              From what you have written, I am understanding that you are

              a. Downloading the YouTube video from YouTube using the Audials software


              b. Not as a download with download button at the YouTube web site....no Audials involved.


              I have just sent you a private message on this matter. Please review and consider. And, then we can get back to troubleshooting the Premiere Elements issues using this source (if non protected).