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    When creating a PDF file from Indesign - the text appears as broken, not as a flow text box


      Hello, asking for your help after posting in Acrobat PDF forums without any ideas...

      In a PDF file created from Indesign - I need to be able to edit the text boxes in Adobe PRO (in a basic way) but part of the the boxes appears as broken, not as a flow text box.

      I'm creating every indd page as complete text frame, without splitting it. After exporting to PDF files It's happening with bullet lines, tables or divided for 2 columns text frames, as shown below

      (i'm showing screen capture from original indd & created PDF file).


      (For the record, i'm a graphic designer who creating graphic brochures, my colleagues from other departments  (non designers) need to have the option to edit the text blocks inside PDF file as erasing, adding or moving text).


      Please advice what should i do?

      Regards, Yulia