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    Behance for iOS issues - Adobe ID & Report Bugs

    caebrasil Level 1

      It has been very difficult to use the Behance on the iPhone.

      He logs out constantly, on average once a week and at every update. It means that I can not take advantage of notifications, because when I see need to log in again and therefore do not receive any notification.


      When I try to report this bug, I get message that the email to contact BehanceMobile@adobe.com can not be sent because "BehanceMobile needs to know who you are before it will accept your message."

      What ?!


      It is sad because the application is good, but that Adobe login is unbearable. And to be honest I realized that logout problem in other Adobe applications such as Lightroom and Creative Cloud.


      Adobe's login system has some serious trouble. And the Behance the application report is useless.


      It's frustrating.