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    Export issues on Lightroom CC


      Since lightroom CC got out we started getting complaints from our customers about errors when exporting.


      Our plug-in is an export filter which optimizes JPEG images and a typical workflow would involve setting the "File setting" to JPEG at %100 and then our plug-in takes the JPEG and recompresses it.

      So far, with lightroom 5, this worked wonderfully well but since lightroom CC was issued some users are complaining that after the export is finished Lightroom shows a dialog labeled "Export Results" and within it says "The file could not be opened. (1)" followed by a list of .cr2 files or other files.


      The problem is not specific to certain files - if the user pickes the failed files and tries to export only them then no errors occour

      The problem is probably specific to our plug-in because when our plug-in is removed from the workflow, no errors occur


      So far we could not reproduce this on our side but I'm wondering if anybody else saw these issues and also would love to hear any tips on troubleshooting this issue.


      Also, we did some tests with lightroom 6, is that equivalent to lightroom CC?


      Thanks in advance,