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    lou_bra Level 1
      Hello there,

      I´ve been working on a web site (using flash 8 for MAC) and we are having problems with the simple copy/paste the code below between buttons:

      on (release) {

      When I copy the action from the actions panel and try pasting it as a action in another button, it pastes the button on the stage, and NOT the action inside the actions panel...

      What could be the problem?? I actually can not paste de code anywhere, Word or even here.

      Any help please.. (!)



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          ggshow Level 2
          look at the bottom of your actions panel,
          is there any Pinned Script? (near the small pin icon)

          make sure the active tab is your button,
          or you can close all pinned script 1st.

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            Hey... Pls check how you would copied it.

            Select the Button .
            Open action Panel
            Select the Script to be copied
            Now Copy it.

            Again Select your target Button
            Open Action Panel
            SetFocus on that.
            Now paste your Code.
            (Hey I hope there will not be any problem. Actually it is working for alll others. you are the First persion reporting this).
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              lou_bra Level 1

              We do have a pin icon besides the button on the actions panel, but it is not pressed..

              What other elements in the action panel should I see to make sure the active tab is my button?

              We dont have idea why the action we are copying is beeing not interpreted, when we try pasting the code in other button, not the button.

              Thanks again for any clues,

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                Devendran Level 1
                Hi u can verify this in two methods..

                Open property Panel see the Property "Instance Of" or "Instance Name" and check with your Button Name/ instance Name of the Button.

                or Open your Action Panel at the Bottom Left Corner (Before The Pin Symbol) You can View a Symbol Name. Pls check wether it Denotes your Button Symbol.
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                  lou_bra Level 1
                  Hey, I veryfied... the instance is ok in both... This is really strange.

                  I can not paste the action here at this forum, nowhere..

                  when i select the complete code, the panel shows me something like "select just one action to edit" (as I´m using with the script assistent)...

                  What could be happening??


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                    Devendran Level 1
                    That s the Problem
                    Turn Off the Script Assistance and Copy your code.
                    And Try to paste.
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                      lou_bra Level 1

                      ok, now is working, i turned off the scrip assistent, and now I can copy and paste the cody between buttons,

                      but when I try pasting the code here or in Word, it do not comes...

                      is there something else that could be wrong?

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                        Devendran Level 1
                        Pls check with your System Admin Regarding this.
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                          lou_bra Level 1
                          thanks a lot,