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    pass var from html to component

      I know a bit about flash, but not components. I need to pass an ID to a component in an swf.

      my html looks something like


      <param name="movie" value="testmov.swf?someId=65" />

      then in testmov.fla I have a component with an instance name of 'comp'. To pass the 'someId' variable to the component, on the first frame of the swf I have:


      comp.someCompParameter = _root.someId;

      where 'someCompParameter' is a parameter that is passed to the component.

      The Problem
      The above does work, but it works too late. The component loads and requests the 'someCompParameter' before it is passed on the first frame.

      This parameter is actually an XML file url - the result is the file doesn't load.

      Can anyone help me out with passing the 'someId' from the html file to the component? The original developer has disappeared off the face of the planet (assuming he was ever on it!).