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    Fireworks generated button mis-behaviors

      I've generated a number of navbars using FW buttons with Up, Over and Down states. Here's my problem:

      I've got a page with menu buttons m1, m2 and m3. I generated this page with m2 initially in the down state (the same look as the Over state actually but different .gif none the less). Think of this as the m2 page. So I roll my mouse over the buttons and m1 and m3 light up like they're supposed to while m2 stays "Down."

      Now, if I click on m1 and go off to another page, if I use my back button to return to the m2 page, m1 is now highlighted, just like it was when I left the page just a click ago. Whenever i go to the m2 page, regardless of how I get there, I'd like the m2 button to default to "Down" and the other keys to be in an "Up" state. What am I doing wrong?

      A little detail:

      All Studio 8 stuff. I generated each page's menu with the appropriate button in the Down state. I actually just generated the menu HTML and slices and then cut and paste the button code into the appropriate page generated by a template.

      More details available as required.