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    PS Touch Goodbye


      I just want to say to Adobe that I really liked PS Touch for my iphone 6 and am really sad to see that it is being discontinued. It is a very solid and useful editing app. I was hoping that a more robust masking feature would be updated/included at some point. But other than that, it is a great little app. I use it quite a bit for my iphone art. Contrary to what Adobe is saying, there is a need for a full featured ios editing app. I am a 60 yr old professional and artist and have been using all Adobe products on my desktop for years. I am not such a huge fan of all the CC cloud business as it is kind of a pain. I have tired other Adobe iphone apps but they are just not finding their way into my work.  Other than PS Touch, my go to non-Adobe apps are Leonardo, Snapseed, Procreate, Art Studio and a variety of FX apps.

      Just not sure what is happening with Adobe.....


      Am really sad to see PS Touch go. Adobe Mix can't touch it!!!!!!