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    Slow scroll speed in indesign with wacom bamboo tablet

    txt xtra Level 1

      Hi there




      We have a few WACOM Bamboo touch tablets. With these tablets you hold down the button on the pen and swipe in small strokes to scroll the page (same as a mousewheel).


      This works in all applications, except creative cloud indesign. This is using osx 10.10 and the wacom driver is the latest version released 2015.01.07.



      since indesign is the only application that has a slow scrolling effect, I think its probably an indesign bug. Anyone else seen this?


      If i connect a regular mouse with mousewheel to the computer, it will scroll indesign fine. I am seeing this behaviour on multiple machines, all our macs only when you use the tablet to scroll and only within indesign. All other creative cloud applications appear to work fine. Any ideas?



      Changing the scroll rate in the wacom driver does make it scroll a bit faster, however it is very slow and almost like laggy still.