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    Multiple button Press: How can I make a button perform an action more than once?


      I am currently trying to create an interactive document.

      I have a map with circular buttons at points of interest. I need information to fly in from the right side of the page that gives information about the area of the map that is identified by each button.

      Currently, I have all my buttons and animations set up to work, however, each button will only activate its assigned animation a single time.

      If I click on "area 1", it dutifully brings up the area 1 information. I also built in a "close tab" button that makes the information leave the screen to reveal an unobstructed map. I can click the "X" to remove the information. When I click on the "area 1" button again, nothing happens.

      Here's what I've tried:

      • using fly in and fly out animations to control the objects meant to enter from off-screen.
      • using motion paths to control the objects mean to enter from off-screen.

      In both cases, the buttons and animations have performed as desired, but I can't get them to repeat!


      Please help!


      Thank you!