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    LR Mobile issue - how to toggle crop orientation from landscape to portrait or vice versa. No option available in iOS version


      NOW Too many steps to do the same things in the old version!


      another posted wrote this, but it echoes my sentiments exactly!


      "On top of that I would even add two additional weird things they changed.


      1. To crop an image in the previous version I had to merely tap the Crop tool and then select the aspect ratio, maybe tap the aspect ratio again to change the orientation of the crop from landscape to portrait. Now, in order to Crop an image I have to tap the Crop tool, then tap the Aspect Ratio pop-up, then select the ratio. Doing this for thousands of images will now take quite some extra time.


      2. The Flag/Rating details have been removed from the main editing screen and require me to flip (tap the little three buttons) in order to see them, which is extremely inconvenient.


      I would strongly suggest to Adobe to please reverse those "improvements" ... the previous layout worked so much better. And FIX the crop orientation bug along with the extra Aspect Ratio pop-up and make it reappear right after tapping the Crop function in the main menu (who needs Rotate, or two Flip modes)."